You Can Build a Kit Boat from American Panga!

photo4The Panga Marine range of boats has evolved over the years in response to feedback from customers and new available technologies. From 18 to 29 feet in length, these watercraft offer an amazing range of capabilities.

Some of our friends love the Panga Marine hull design, but do not need all of the modern fixtures, fittings and accessories that come with a production boat in order to accomplish their mission. So, now there is something new under the sun… the American Panga Kit Boat!

The kit hull is 22′ feet long, and is the same hull as in the Boca Grande and Marquesas models.

Basic Kit:
The hull comes with stringers and gunnels installed, interior gel coated (as shown in the photos below). You can bolt on a motor and go to sea!
Price $6,000

Kits can be configured to any level of completion – up to and including T-Tops!

For the builder who prefers the following installed at the factory;

  • Fuel tank,
  • Deck fill & vent,
  • Hoses & fuel line,
  • Floor/deck

These options will speed completion time considerably.
Price $10,000

The American Panga Kit, while based on the proven Panga Marine hull, has been optimized for simplicity of construction in your own home shop.

The kit hull is like a blank painter’s canvas! You can configure your dream boat exactly the way that you want! Browse through the “Parts” section of the new American Panga website to see currently available built-out options to add to your base kit.

Thank you to the fans of the Panga Marine design who have been so enthusiastic about this new homebuilt kit boat program! Several kits have already been delivered, so watch for newsletter updates with build progress and launch reports.

For $6000 you can bolt on a motor and go to sea!