We've Moved!

We’ve Moved!

Panga Marine has wrapped up business in the old shop and moved to our new home!

We have moved to bigger and better digs, with increased building capacity and with investments in new capabilities. We are always gathering comments and suggestions from our customers and have a mind on perfecting our boats and our business every day. The new facility is a terrific step on that path. Come visit Panga Marine in our new home – we are proud of it and love to show it off!

This is from the end of the last day of active boat building before the move:end-of-the-day
Here is the new building, ready for our team to bring in equipment and start building:Interior02

We are up and running!

A well planned and coordinated move has helped us transition without sacrificing production deadlines.

We love working in the new space and are excited about the opportunity to be even better at doing what we love – providing you with an exceptional high-performance, efficient, fun, and family-friendly boating experience!