Panga Owners Helping Out

Panga Owners Helping Out

Thanks to Aldo Dyer! We asked if he would speak to a local who is considering having a 22′ Marquesas built. Aldo writes:

Sure, you can send him my way. Corpus is a pretty small world – chances are I may know the guy.

We’ve been duck hunting mostly until 2 weeks ago. Summer and fall fishing season closed out awesome – I think I sent you the Tosh Brown photos, if not here they are:

Boat is still great. The fuel sending unit went out recently. Its in the shop now getting unit replaced and adding a Faria fuel consumption meter as a failsafe.

Going Fishing!
Going Fishing!

Also, they are adding a 101 lb thrust Minn Kota i-Pilot Motor (remote control, gps etc). on the bow, with the 3 gelcels in the aft portion of the main forward storage. After lots of looking at trolling motors I decided on this one. Been fishing with David Mangum the past few years and really like his setup with the ipilot (on a HB Marquesas).

Next on the list, after I fish it some this weekend, is adding a removable spotting tower over the console for tarpon, ling fishing. (I stand up there and control the TM). I traded an old skiff to my aluminum guy for a bunch of work. So I’m having him re-create the tower on that green Super Skiff on your website- without the topdrive. The pads at the bottom would have 5200 on the underside as cushion and just sit on the deck- like my casting platform. And the tower will connect to the console with pads bolting into pads installed on the console. Should be more than secure enough. Wont be as high off the console though.

Hope all is well in FL.

That Horizon 29 is badass!

– Aldo