My New Panga Marine 20SS has Arrived!

My New Panga Marine 20SS has Arrived!

Went up to Robs shop Friday to pick up the Panga. Took it for a test run, windy & sloppy, handled better then I had hoped for. They build one beautiful Panga, the workmanship, attention to detail and the design of their new 20SS is incredible. Grin

Working through this process with Rob & Tom was both a pleasant and enlightening experience….If you’re looking for a new Panga, Panga Marine is the place to go.

This is the third new boat I’ve had built in my life and it was the best experience I’ve had in that regard. Will launch her tomorrow, weather permitting, then off to chase some fish.

A big thank you to Rob, Tom and their crew at Panga Marine!!!!

Capt George







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Congrats on your new 20SS!  Love my 18 skiff, and concur that Rob and Tom are great to work with and build terrific boats.

I’ve been off the water for about a month due to a busy schedule, and regularly stare at the 18 sitting in the driveway longing to get out real soon!