Jet Drive Prep 01

Jet Drive Prep 01

The following shows part of the process of preparing a hull for the diesel jet drive.

01 02

We modified this part by using it as a plug to make a mold to fit in our boat mold.

We started by cutting off the deep V, reinforcing the front and adding 4 inches to the back as seen in the following  two photos.

03 04

By adding the four inches to the back we can cut the angle into the mold that we need to fit with our transom. We assumed that the drive needed to be recessed at least as deep as the original part. In the photo you can see a black line drawn that represents the transom angle.

Next we filled and faired the gap in the plug.

05 06

After sanding and buffing the plug is ready for a mold to be taken from it.


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