It all Begins with Our Customers

We receive calls from California to Massachusetts and Texas to Alaska, and each call is different. Whether you are a new boater and admire a friend’s Panga from across the pier, or an experienced captain who wants the simplicity and efficiency of a Panga Marine boat – we have a broad and deep experience building exactly the boat you need.

All Panga Marine boats incorporate cutting edge engineering and technology, and are presented with world-class fit and finish.

If you know what features, options and accessories will be required for your new boat, then we can have a quick conversation and prepare a spec and cost sheet for you right away. If you need to evaluate your options, then one of our team leaders can discuss your primary use and environment with you to arrive at the exact specification that is right for you. If you want a turn-key solution, then we can offer a package with a fixed price and delivery date, and all you need to do is show up and sail away!

Site Visit and Boat Evaluation

We encourage anyone interested in a Panga Marine boat to visit our offices and fabrication facilities. Remember we do not have a showroom, but our customers are welcome to a factory tour. We bend over backward for our customers. If you are buying a boat and need a sea trial experience, we will make that happen for you.