The Panga Mystique

From Cancun water taxis to Sudan fishermen, mariners the world over recognize the seaworthiness and versatility of the Panga. Pangas are the world’s most utilized small boat design.

The original design was created as a project financed by the World Bank in the 1960’s. The project more than succeeded. Embraced early on by the manufacturer of Yamaha Outboards, (no doubt with an eye to providing platforms for their outboard motors) the company formed partnerships with a number of third world builders and lent their engineering to the original design. Pangasiidae or “panga fish” is a family of catfish found in many of the world’s fresh and brackish waters from Asia and Latin America to Pakistan and Borneo.

Panga skiffs have a deep history spanning from the smallest fishing villages to multi-national corporations and international banks. The original design started around the large bow intended as a platform from which to cast nets into the water. The large flare also meant that in challenging conditions the boat remains dry, comfortable and safe.

Pangas continue to be used almost exclusively by Latin American guides for charter fishing, touring, diving and commercial use. In fact many of our customers return from vacations having had such a successful introduction to the panga boat type that they want to get one for themselves!