29' Dragonfly Jet Boat

29′ Dragonfly Jet Boat

A New Boat Built on a Proven Design

from port

Sea trials for the new Dragonfly Jet Boat

This is to present PANGA MARINE’S latest addition to its fleet of custom built boats: the “DRAGONFLY” This water jet propelled boat is the result of collaboration between our factory and a client by the name of James Cant. The 29′ Panga Marine hull is based on our former “Aventura” and “Yucatan” models. Both have been and still are working in heavy off-shore waters as well as in the shallows from the Atlantic to Micronesia.

To build the prototype of a new custom design is always most challenging, time consuming and at times nerve wracking. When we recently finished project “DRAGONFLY” we were well rewarded as the sea trials exceeded all expectations.

Video of the Dragonfly under way.

450 hp Iveco diesel

450 hp Iveco diesel

The “DRAGONFLY” is powered by a 450 HP IVECO diesel coupled with an ALAMARIN jet drive, providing superb maneuverability, excellent fuel economy and speeds up to 42 mph.

PANGA MARINE is now offering the “DRAGONFLY” to skippers looking for a serious, robust fishing vessel with the versatility of this Diesel-Jet drive powered Panga.

As is well known, our main stay custom built boats are the outboard powered 18, 20 and 22 foot models. The 29′ HORIZON which we added to our fleet in 2012 has proven to be a rising star in our lineup of boats. As a result we have the plans of a 29′ Panga with pilot house on the drawing board in either outboard or diesel-jet configuration.

We are passionate in our venture of building boats based upon our clients’ needs and suggestions. This attitude in combination with our long history of successful designs and the fact that we are always looking for a challenge is the reason why the “DRAGONFLY” is performing beyond original expectations.

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